Your Experience

If you are looking for treatment for anxiety, stress, and physical and emotional pain, you want individual attention. Treatment is provided in 1860 Victorian House in the center of Princeton Borough, New Jersey adjacent to the main campus of Princeton University. At Finer Points, one patient is seen at a time by an acupuncturist who has advanced degrees in acupuncture and herbology, as well as psychology and nursing.

During each session, a highly specialized treatment approach is utilized to help overcome physical pain along with emotional and psychological conflicts.  Our treatment philosophy uses a wellness-based model to look at the physical, mental, emotional, and social aspects of your life.  The primary goal is to help people feel and be healthy so they can do what they need to do to succeed.   Our holistic approach to treatment includes acupuncture, herbal medicine and nutritional consultation.  Treatment includes the incorporation of therapies involving yoga, body strengthening, meditation, and mindfulness practices as necessary.

What to Expect

During each appointment you will be asked about your sleep, digestion, energy level, diet, and general health in order to develop a plan that will bring your body back into balance.  The goal is to alleviate the symptoms and problems you are having. Your acupuncturist will feel your pulse on both wrists, look at your tongue and palpate muscles on the stomach, neck, and head for tightness and pain. Thin needs will gently be used at specific points along the skin to restore harmony and health. Medicinal treatments with traditional Chinese herbs may be recommended.

This Eastern approach to treatment complements Western medicine due to it's emphasis on psychology and supportive therapy to help the nervous system realign for a reduction in symptoms.



About Meg Mowrey

Meg Mowrey is a Diplomat in Oriental Medicine from the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. She completed a program in acupuncture at Eastern School of Acupuncture and Traditional Medicine, in Montclair, New Jersey and a program in Chinese Herbal Medicine at Tai Sophia Institute, Laurel, Maryland. She is trained in both Chinese and Japanese style acupuncture, and works closely with Kejian Xiao, a master acupuncturist and herbalist.  Ms Mowrey holds National,  New Jersey and Pennsylvania licenses and degrees as both an Acupuncturist and Herbalist and is able to prescribe herbs  to treat her patients needs. Ms Mowrey is  also official referral staff for Oriental Medicine for Princeton University student and facility health services.

Ms. Mowrey also has advanced degrees in psychology, rehabilitation, and nursing. She also has experience teaching movement therapy and has taught yoga as a certified yoga instructor and children's yoga instructor.